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William Morris Hunt Memorial Library: Special Collections


Consisting of more than 1000 items, materials from the William Morris Hunt Memorial Library's Special Collections are available for viewing by Museum staff and visiting researchers.



An appointment is required to study the items from the Special Collections to make sure that materials, space and staff are available. Please contact the library staff at libstaff [at] to arrange a visit. 

Researchers must complete a request form provided via e-mail in advance, specifying the desired materials. In addition, researchers are asked to provide information regarding their research project, purpose of viewing the materials and other institutions that they have contacted.

At the time of visit, researchers are asked to fill out an additional general registration form and present a valid government-issued photo ID. 


Items from the Special Collection can be studied in the Reading Room only, located in the William Morris Hunt Memorial Library under the supervision of the library staff. 

  • Before studying items from the Special Collections, the researcher should wash his/her hands.
  • Check all prohibited items at the coat check at the Front Desk. These items include
    • Bags, briefcases, large purses or laptop bags
    • Writing implement other than pencils, such as pens, markers, and highlighters         
    • Self-adhesive notes and page markers                  
    • Food or beverages, including gum, mints and cough drops
    • Heavy and loose clothing, such as coats, hats and scarves 
  • Paper and pencils will be provided.
  • Laptops and tablet devices may be used.
  • All cell phones must be turned off or silenced. Researchers are asked to leave the reading room to answer calls or carry on conversation so as not to disturb other researchers.
  • No photocopying, scanning and photographing without the Library’s permission. If granted permission, a slip indicating Library’s ownership must appear in photograph.
  • Researchers are required to wrap up their work by 4:30 pm so that library staff may secure them before the library’s closing.